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Cat Litter

Cats have lived with humans for thousands of years, but for most of the past, cats were free as birds, come and go as they want, find food for themselves, and their poops are brought out of our sight.

But now the life of cats is completely different because humans are concerned about the health of cats and care about their poops!

Before 1940, sand, sawdust, paper, and even ash and coal cinders could be packed in pots for cats to poop. These materials could not block the odor, and the cat will leave footprints allover the place after use. Super dirty there! The cats are disgusted and humans are disgusted. Sometimes the situation was even worse: cats hate stinky litter box, they poop out of the box if the cat litter is dirty!

Looking back at history, now the modern version of cat litter is just like God!

Use of Cat Litter

First, to avoid the unpleasant odor, it is important to keep the cat litter and litter box dry. Don't let the cat urine stay in it for a long time. It’s easy for some owners to become lazy when changing the litter in their cat’s litter boxes. But keeping the odor to a minimal means scooping daily and changing the litter as soon as you notice any smell that can’t be removed by daily pick up. Your cat will thank you too, as dirty litter box will definitely force any cat that has been very well trained to urinate outside of the litter box.

The only way to keep cat litter dry is to keep it clean, preferably twice a day. Scoop out the clumps and add new litter. Replace the entire box once in a while. In addition, litter box should be cleaned regularly, at least once every two weeks. You can use some mild detergents and don't forget to clean your scoop.

Fresh Litter and Clean Litter Box

Cats like fresh litter and clean litter box. Many cat litters on the market have been scented trying to cover up the odors. However, when the perfume is mixed with cat urine, it is absolutely unpleasant for both cats and their owners to smell.

In addition to the scented clay litters, pine pellet cat litter also has a natural disinfectant like odor, which is hated by a lot of cats. So if you suddenly change them from ordinary cat litter to pine pellet litter, the cat is very likely to refuse to use it.

The litter box is simple. Basically, any plastic container that can hold a cat can be used as a litter box. However, to make cats more comfortable, it is best to choose a bigger box that is at least 1.5 times long as the cat is (without counting the tail) and at least twice as wide as the cat is.

Also, don't put the litter box in unventilated areas, such as toilets and closets, so the odor is hard to disperse. The ideal litter box spot for cats is fresh air flow, a safe environment, keeping away from cat food and other pets, and no potential danger at all.

Finding a Good Litter Box Location



A Special Message for Owners of Declawed Cats

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