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How Do You Know When Your Cat Has Fleas?

If the Cat Grooms Its Hair Too Often.

Cats that are sensitive to fleas may have allergies. Even if the cat is not allergic to fleas, the fleas will bite the cat and make its skin sore and itchy. So the obvious sign of a cat with fleas is frequent biting of body hair and trying to drive the fleas away. Fleas do not always stay on cats. When they want to suck blood, they jump away. After sucking up blood and slipping away, it's often hidden. This also explains why some cats have the symptoms of fleas but the owner cannot find fleas in the cat’s hair. These symptoms can vary depending on the health of the cat, the number of fleas, and individual differences.

Signs of Being Bitten by Fleas.

After being bitten by fleas, the cat can be very uncomfortable. Please check if it has the following symptoms:

Pay Attention to the Cat's Behavior.

Cats may suddenly stop going to places where they used to like, especially carpeted rooms, because the carpet is a breeding ground for flea. Cats may also become hyperactive or irritated, and may even start shake their heads trying to get the fleas off.

Observe Whether the Cat Has Symptoms of Anemia.

If the cat is severely affected by fleas, it may develop anemia due to excessive blood loss. Observe whether the cat is always tired. Whether the gums are white or muscles are loose. Please put the cat on a white wet towel and comb the hair to check for fleas. If the cat has symptoms of anemia, whether it is a fleas or not, you must bring it to the vet. (Kittens and older cats are more likely to have anemia due to fleas.)

Choose the Right Treatment

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

Most flea problems aren’t usually concentrated at just one particular location of your house. If you have pets at home, it is more than likely that they’ve “spread” these fleas everywhere they’ve gone to. A cat is basically a 24/7 operating shuttle for these fleas to hop on and off wherever they want to. Wherever your dog or cat has been to, it is more than likely you have fleas there as well. Because of this, it is very important that you get rid of the fleas and eggs in your whole house and on your cats simultaneously.

Fleas Have the Following Characteristics:

Common Disaster Area:

The Most Effective Weapon to Deal with Fleas

  1. Pesticide
  2. Sunshine (this is the ultimate weapon, it is easy to destroy fleas under sunlight)
  3. Boiling water (no bug can survive boiling water)



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