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Basic Terms You Need to Know When You Go to Purchase Your Running Shoes.

Motion Control –Shoes that help runners with flat feet, which often cause excessive inward ankle rolling. They tend to be big, bulky and heavy. If you notice lots of wear and tear on the inside tread of your shoes, you may need motion control shoes.

Stability – Recommended for anyone with a “normal” arch, and helps with mild pronation. They tend to be a bit more “responsive” and not quite as firm.

Neutral/Cushioned – This type of shoes is designed for runners with a higher arch, efficient foot biomechanics. If you supinate (ankle rolling out), or don’t roll much at all, then a neutral shoe is what you need.  These types of shoes tend to be a bit lighter.

Heel to Toe Drop – The difference in height between the thickest part of the heel and the forefoot. The suggested shoes have an 8–12 mm offset. Lower drops might cause initial soreness.

Weight – lighter shoes tend to be easier to run in, but also tend to be less supportive.

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